About us
Leads insurance broker is a start-up by bright young professional from insurance industry.
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Mission & Vision
To lead each of our clients towards a safe ensured future.
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Core values
Treat others as we wish to be treated.
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What sets us apart?
Leads Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd. Strives to be a trend-setter
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How we get Paid
We at Leads take pride in the services we provide to you and our clients for insurance and risk management programs
How we get Paid

We at Leads take pride in the services we provide to you, our client, for insurance and risk management programs. For our efforts we are remunerated in a variety of ways; primarily in the form of commission by the insurers and in some cases by the fees paid by you and insurance companies. The means by which we are compensated are described below :

Commission income - Commission, normally calculated as a percentage of the premium paid to the insurer for the specific policy is paid to us by the insurer to distribute and service your insurance policy. Our commission is included in the premium paid by you. Please note that we believe in the services we provide and in no circumstances whatsoever we shall entertain any negotiation with you or the client. However, during pricing negotiation with the insurer we may reduce/forego our commission in your best interest. The decision to do so would be solely on our discretion.

Fees paid by clients - Occasionally, with more complex business insurance programs and where additional resources, products or services are utilized, a fee may be negotiated for placement of insurance coverage or additional services. Fees charged for the placement of insurance will be outlined in a proposal and approved, usually in writing, prior to the insurer binding coverage. In certain circumstances clients pay us mutually agreed-upon fees for additional services such as Risk Assessment Surveys, Valuation services, Risk management Seminars or for policy and/or claims administration and/or loss control services that we provide. For any such fees for add-on services a prior written approval from the client shall be sought and service parameters clearly outlined in the agreement.

Other Compensation and Benefits - We may receive revenue or further benefits from our insurance brokerage activities in other ways, including but not limited to insurance company promotional events, payments from insurers for promotional marketing and/or employee training and development.

Please visit the following link to know the ceiling on the Brokerage for General Insurance.

Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation -- Our License No.IRDA/DB 486 /2010
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